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How To Choose The Best Marijuana Seeds Indica Or Sativa

Why To Choose Us

We Have The Best Marijuana Strains

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Working with more than 60 Top Marijuana Strains.  From the best Indoor Marijuana Growers. We also have a large selection of Outdoor and Greenhouse Marijuana Farms all over the country. We are able to Grow each Strain of Marijuana  in our grow rooms with the best environmental controllers  Where  we grow each strain of Marijuana to to its best Then we  evaluate it for it medical property. Every Strain of Marijuana We Grow at our Netherlands Indoor Grow 

We are use Gas chromatography to test for THC,THCA,CBD.CBDN levels and 84 other Marijuana Cannabinoids.  Pacific Cannabis Research Institute has been track the medical benefits of each of the 104 Marijuana Cannabinoids.  For more than 15 years We have be a Stable Supplier of Marijuana Seeds to the Scientific and Medical Center’s for clinical trials

Fast Delivery of The Best Marijuana Seeds

Delivery Network

We are experts in delivering the best Marijuana Seeds to you in discreet packaging fast and safely to  our address.

We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the selection of Marijuana Seeds  to your home or office.

We Have Best Marijuana Strains

How we are different?

We Have the True OG Kush from California. We moved from the heart of OG Kush California.To the Netherlands for a safe and stable location to grow and test the medicinal effects and benifets of Marijuana Cannabinoids . 15 Years we have been growing  Marijuana Seeds for research institutes all over the world.

best kind of Marijuana Strains, We have all there three types of it.large seeds store of indica , sativa and ruderalis 

What most people call Autoflower.

More Than 15 Years In The Business

15 Years !! Almost 16!

We have been working with Indoor Growers for almost 16 years and to be honest this is the best job ever – Finding the Best Marijuana Strains growing them and NOW sharing them With the Legal Marijuana World.

We have received the High Times Best Indica of The Year Award 2013.

Marijuana Seeds Selling to Us and Payment Delivery And How It Works

We are looking for Marijuana genetics research world wide

We will give the best value of your Seeds. You Can Buy seeds from us or sells seeds to us with easy steps.

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Simply Register on Website and fill up your information, paypal id etc.

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Firstly fill your information, then print out the post envolop slips and send us to our address by post or etc.

What will I receive?

We will give you the best money for your seeds by paypal payment method.

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